Is it the end of unskilled, labour, semi-skilled and maid recruitment from Sri Lanka?

After the end of civil war in Sri Lanka in 2009, Sri Lanka is pacing towards high economic growth and a significant GDP growth.

Sri Lanka’s GDP was growing at a steady level during the mid 1980’s spearheading both Singapore and Malaysia. Economists believed Sri Lanka will be a developed country come the start of 2000. But the Sri Lankan economy and growth stagnated due to the 20 year-long Civil War.

a mason working in sri lankaDuring the early 90’s Sri Lankans emigrating the country to find employment caused by many factors such as poverty, unemployment, lack of jobs, decline in agriculture industry while others fleeing the country from the war ridden parts of the Island.

Sri Lanka’s literacy rate of 97% has brought in many opportunities for unskilled to semi-skilled job seekers to upgrade their knowledge and even re-train to new jobs, such specific retraining programs sponsored by the Sri Lankan Government.

Another factor contributing towards the shortage of Sri Lankan unskilled and semi-skilled labour available for foreign employment has been growing demand for unskilled and semi-skilled labours in the Domestic Market as well as a higher wage pay compared to that of many job offers in Middle-East. Statistically a Mason in Sri Lanka earns Rs.2500 ($19) per day while a Backhoe Operator earns Rs.5000 ($38) per day.

sri lankan job seekerSri Lanka is on the track towards encouraging skilled workers to seek foreign employment and completely discouraging maid employment; while economic growth, higher domestic demand, increased cost of living, adult-education and technical colleges is contributing towards a significant fall in number of unskilled and semi-skilled workers leaving for foreign employment.

In a few years time, Sri Lanka will be a source for skilled manpower similar to that of Philippines.


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  1. This post explains about the shortage of unskilled labour available for foreign employment from Sri Lanka and most of the recruiters can form their unskilled recruitment strategies on the above.

    Unskilled recruitment from Sri Lanka is getting expensive as time passes and most of the recruiters are looking at other countries as cheap option.

    Best Regards,

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