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“We are Socially Responsible Human Resource Company”

Caring about the community is what makes us as an unique organization. We believe that all businesses has a duty towards helping their community.

We are proud of our corporate efforts in uplifting the standard of living of the community around us which stands as a distinct cause for us to make a difference in the Sri Lankan recruitment industry. We followed the footsteps laid by our late founder Hon.Massoor Sinne Lebbe who hailed from a family with a rich history and background in Sri Lankan Politics, our founder was actively present in helping and voicing for the community around with his political achievements and struggles.

Our CEO and current Managing Director, Mr.Massoor Riya is continuing our family tradition of being an active voice representing our community in the Sri Lankan politics.

Since the demise of our founder, we incorporated our family values and traditions into our recruitment business model transitioning into a socially responsible organization.

We contribute towards several non-profit organizations to help the community around us and we make our clients an active part of our CSR initiatives when it comes to giving back anything which we could afford to our community.

That’s not the end of the corporate social responsibility side of our recruitment business model; we try to create sustainable value by offering Post Deployment services for candidates deployed by us. We look after Employees’ Welfare; we believe that a motivated employee creates true value to their employers and we make sure that the families of the employees deployed by us are receiving the needful benefits and support.

Our dedicated teams of welfare officers are always there to look after the welfare of the employees deployed by us and their families. We offer Legal Advice to our deployed migrant workers when it comes to unlawful dismissals, breach of contract, premature demobilization and other unlawful actions taken by the employers. We make sure that minor issues that may arise between the employer and employee are solved by our well-trained and calm conflict management team.