The Recruitment Process

sri lanka recruitment process

We have an extensive recruitment process fine-tuned and evolved for more than two decades to find the very best candidates for you. Our capability combined with expertise enables us to match the right people to the right positions based on analyzing and evaluating the skills, experience and personality of the applicants.

Upon signing of staffing service agreement with the client, we consult with their Human Resource department to obtain job description. A set of key traits will be determined regarding skills, experience, technical competencies and key performance indicators for the position. A job personality profile is created to provide us with personality traits to look for from the candidates during the recruitment process.

Behavioral based evaluation helps us to assess the capability of the candidates concerning their characteristics and adaptations that are required or useful to working situations.

The Role: We identify the attributes to be taken by the candidates for the position, regarding skills, experience and attitude. We aim to collect as much as information available for successful placements.

The Search: The search starts immediately by sourcing candidates through online, print media, database, referrals and professional network. We have the ability to source the best-fit candidates for the position.

Selection: Short-listed candidates go through several stages of interviews and evaluations. Our industry knowledge and information obtained from the client helps us make accurate decisions to whether the candidate is referred to our client.

Reference: We verify the references provided by the candidates, their work history, ability, and qualification. If requested by the client, further background checks will be carried out by us.

Placement: Successful candidates are placed with our clients with a free replacement clause as per the staffing service agreement. We will liaise with the client throughout out the replacement process.

We have perfected the art of sourcing, and continuously evolving with the growing influence of digital and social media to the traditional medias. We live up to the task of finding candidates that are difficult to source. We believe in an effective sourcing strategy.

Few of our sourcing methods are:

  • Candidates’ database
  • Headhunting
  • Executive Search
  • Online job boards
  • Print media advertisements
  • Social Media sponsored job updates
  • Candidate referral program

Evaluation & interview methods:

  • Previous-interview based evaluation
  • Personality profiling
  • Behavioral based interviewing
  • Reference Checks
  • Skill testing