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Selecting your manpower agent in Sri Lanka

There are numerous licensed manpower recruiting agencies in Sri Lanka. So, why do clients choose a reliable manpower agent in Sri Lanka like Cargo Lanka among the rest? Because simply they strategically decide to obtain professional and expertise manpower solutions from us, who execute more than half of their recruitment and selection processes. What benefits does choosing the right recruiting …

Outsourcing to manpower agency in Sri Lanka

What does outsourcing your manpower recruiting operations to a Manpower Agency in Sri Lanka results in? Right after the 90’s the Human Resource Management assumed an vital standing within the administration of businesses. The goal was to pick, recruit, prepare and develop the appropriate human expertise on the proper place on the proper time. Like the manufacturing business, the service trade has …

Is it the end of unskilled, labour, semi-skilled and maid recruitment from Sri Lanka?

After the end of civil war in Sri Lanka in 2009, Sri Lanka is pacing towards high economic growth and a significant GDP growth. Sri Lanka’s GDP was growing at a steady level during the mid 1980’s spearheading both Singapore and Malaysia. Economists believed Sri Lanka will be a developed country come the start of 2000. But the Sri Lankan …


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